1 Can the Edu.Dex user name and password be changed?

Yes, the user name and password for Edu.Dex can be changed. Please consult the Administration Menu chapter in the help file. The section Edit Edu.Dex login credentials menu explains the process.

2 Why should students consent to having their data submitted?

For the student, there are three reasons for consenting:

1. Verification of the learner's achievements

Should a specific qualification stated on a CV not be found on the NLRD when a prospective employer searches for it, it might be considered that such an achievement does not exist. Although the verifications service recommends that the specific institution be consulted in the case where the achievement is not found, not all bother to make the enquiry.

2. Being included in skills searches

Sometimes the NLRD receives requests from third parties to do targeted mail-outs for specific jobs on offer that require people with specific achievements. In these cases, it is most beneficial to students to have their details on the NLRD.

3. For the national good

By assisting in building this database, we can build an understanding of the skills available in South Africa and in the higher education sector. This will assist decision-makers and national planners to make the most informed decisions concerning higher education and the labour market in South Africa.

3 Is the data collected from private higher education institutions the same as that collected from public higher education institutions?

No. The public higher education institutions provide much more data, but they send their data directly to the Department of Higher Education and Training. The data submitted by the public institutions is collected in the Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS), which is much more comprehensive and complex.

As far as student information is concerned, both HEMIS and the HEQCIS collect personal information such as student identity numbers and other identifying information. This information ensures unique and accurate identification of students.

4 Why do you ask for optional information?

There is information that would be useful to us, but that institutions may not be able to supply – either because it is information that they do not collect, or because it is information that is sensitive and that they would prefer not to supply. Where the information is not absolutely necessary for our work, making it optional enables those who do have and are willing to share the data to provide us with at least some information.

5 Where can I find assistance in using Edu.Dex?

There is an Edu.Dex user manual, which is accessed as follows:

In the Edu.Dex application:

Select Help on the main Edu.Dex menu,

Select the Edu.Dex user manual menu item


On the Edu.Dex web http://www.Praxis.co.za/EduDex

Select Level 3 – Training Provider on the left hand menu,

Download the Edu.Dex user manual (PDF document) in the right-hand pane.


You can also get help by e-mailing a description of your problems to the Edu.Dex support team at Edu.Dex@praxis.co.za  with your contact details (name, institution name, contact number). Someone on the Edu.Dex support staff will contact you.