Background and How to Participate

The HEQCIS is a CHE information system that stores information about the qualifications that private higher education institutions may offer, and the learner enrolments and achievements against them.

The HEQCIS in turn serves as a tool to populate the National Learners' Records Database (NLRD) held and maintained by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The CHE is required to submit this information to the NLRD for all higher education institutions.

Contact: or 012 431 5036

There are three steps to the HEQCIS data collection process

Follow these easy steps to comply. It will take you more or less 3 months to complete the full process. It is difficult to determine beforehand precisely how long each individual step will take. Therefore the indicated timeframe (in brackets) should be taken as an estimation that may be shorter or longer depending on your specific case. You can download the documentation required per step beforehand to speed up the process.

After each step we will give you feedback before you continue to the next step.

For any enquires, email:

PLEASE NOTE: New version of Edu.Dex must be installed: Edu.Dex Version 2.15

STEP 1: License Application

This step takes approximately 10 minutes. Edu.Dex is the facility for validating and submitting your data. You have to apply for a license to use Edu.Dex.

Single-site institutions must please complete the form and select Option 1.

Multi-site institutions:

  • If all of the learner data will be loaded by Head Office or only one site, please complete the form once and select Option 2.
  • If each site of delivery will load its own data, then each site must please submit its own form and select Option 1.

Once you have submitted your application/s, the contact person per form will receive an e-mail message with a license key and instructions on where and how to download Edu.Dex.

Download the application for a license to use the Edu.Dex data validation software application

Complete the license application in full and submit either by:

1) By E-mail 2) By Mail 3) By Hand
Scan and e-mail to HEQCIS Manager:

HEQCIS Manager c/o NLRD
Postnet Suite 248
Private Bag X06

HEQCIS Manager c/o NLRD
SAQA House
1067 Arcadia Street

Await Feedback on STEP 1 activities:
Active Party = HEQCIS ( +- 2 Days)

An email with an EDU.Dex license (Login number & password) and instructions on how and where to download EDU.Dex software.

STEP 2: Notify HEQCIS of your Qualifications

Complete and submit the Qualification template:
The qualification template is used to submit your institution's qualifications to HEQCIS, in order to check whether they are already in the system, and to receive the information that will allow you to upload learner records against your qualifications.

Download the HEQCIS Qualification Template:
HEQCIS Qualifications Template (February 2018)
HEQCIS Qualification Corrections Template
HEQCIS Qualifications Template Info

This template (HEQCISQualificationTemplate.nnn.xls where nnn indicates the version number of the template) has two discrete functionalities:
1. The "Qualification data" worksheet 
This is the area of the spreadsheet that you use to capture the specific details of your qualifications.

2. The "Data Checks" worksheet
This is the area of spreadsheet that allows you to see whether the data that you have entered in the "Qualification data" area of the spreadsheet conforms to the expected rules for the template.

A list containing the description for each Subdomain ID is available in:
HEQCIS Qualification Template: Description for each Subdomain ID

Await Feedback on STEP 2 activities:
Active Party = HEQCIS (minimum 1 month from the date of receiving the correctly completed Qualification Template)

An e-mail containing three attachments and instructions on how to update Edu.Dex. You need to:

  1. Update Edu.Dex by following the instructions on the e-mail.
  2. Check the correctness of the data found in the .csv attachments on the e-mail. 

STEP 3: Data Upload/Submission

This can be a lengthy process.

Finally you can submit your student data using Edu.Dex as a validation tool.

Extract your learner data

Before submitting the data onto the HEQCIS, you must first extract learner data from your own information management system, using the file specifications.

Further information can be found on the Praxis website: Please click on the link to ‘Level 3 – Training Provider’  and use the information under the section ‘Submitting data to a Standard ETQA in standard format (version 2)

Then you make use of Edu.Dex to test the data.

If all the tests are successful, you may upload the data, onto the HEQCIS, using Edu.Dex.

Await Feedback on STEP 3 activities
HEQCIS will provide feedback concerning your data submission


The data loading procedure is automated and occurs at 13:00 on work days (the data loading procedure is not operational on Saturdays and Sundays). You should receive two e-mails from the server by approximately 15:00 on the same day that the data loading procedure processes your submission:

  1. The first e-mail will detail the data submission files that have been received by the HEQCIS from your institution. Please check that the data submissions that you submitted have been received by the HEQCIS.
  2. The second e-mail will detail the results of the loading of your data into the HEQCIS. Please check the results of the data load to ensure no records have been rejected.

Once you receive the above mentioned e-mails you have competed your submission cycle. To keep up with the minimum requirements continuous cyclic submissions must be made.

Please contact the Edu.Dex helpdesk should you not receive the above mentioned e-mails in a timely manner.