Higher Education Act 101 of 1997

[Assented To: 26 November 1997]
[Commencement Date: 19 December 1997]
as amended by:
Higher Education Amendment Act 55 of 1999
Higher Education Amendment Act 54 of 2000
Higher Education Amendment Act 23 of 2001
Higher Education Amendment Act 63 of 2002
Higher Education Amendment Act 38 of 2003
Higher Education Amendment Act 39 of 2008
Higher Education Laws Amendment Act 26 of 2010
[with effect from 7 December 2010]


To regulate higher education; to provide for the establishment, composition and functions of a Council on Higher Education; to provide for the establishment, governance and funding of public higher education institutions; to provide for the appointment and functions of an independent assessor; to provide for the registration of private higher education institutions; to provide for quality assurance and quality promotion in higher education; to provide for transitional arrangements and the repeal of certain laws; and to provide for matters connected therewith.



ESTABLISH a single co-ordinated higher education system which promotes co-operative governance and provides for programme-based higher education;

RESTRUCTURE AND TRANSFORM programmes and institutions to respond better to the human resource, economic and development needs of the Republic;

REDRESS past discrimination and ensure representivity and equal access;

PROVIDE optimal opportunities for learning and the creation of knowledge;

PROMOTE the values which underlie an open and democratic society based on human dignity, equality and freedom;

RESPECT freedom of religion, belief and opinion;

RESPECT and encourage democracy, academic freedom, freedom of speech and expression, creativity, scholarship and research;

PURSUE excellence, promote the full realisation of the potential of every student and employee, tolerance of ideas and appreciation of diversity;

RESPOND to the needs of the Republic and of the communities served by the institutions;

CONTRIBUTE to the advancement of all forms of knowledge and scholarship, in keeping with international standards of academic quality;

AND WHEREAS IT IS DESIRABLE for higher education institutions to enjoy freedom and autonomy in their relationship with the State within the context of public accountability and the national need for advanced skills and scientific knowledge;

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