The Framework proposes a gradation from qualification type (for example, a Bachelor’s degree) to a qualification in a particular field of study (for example, a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering). The award of the qualification will need to meet the general standards of that type, irrespective of the field of study. This implies that the CHE will be responsible for ensuring that all awards of a qualification type, irrespective of the field of study, meet the qualification-type standards. As far as particular fields of study are concerned, the curriculum, content and delivery of a programme are the responsibility of the awarding institution. Qualification standards focus on outcomes and attributes that the qualification imparts to the student. The standards are developed by academic communities. The relationship between the award of a qualification and the extent to which it meets a professional body’s requirements for designation is a matter that needs to be resolved between the awarding institution (or the sector as a whole) and the relevant professional body. However, the development of qualification standards in consultation with communities of practice implies that representation from professional bodies will be essential in all cases where the application of generic qualification types to specific fields of study needs to be informed by particular professional requirements. This should help to ensure compatibility between the institution’s qualification and the requirements of the professional body.


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