The national review of a programme is an evidence-based exercise. The outcomes of the process are determined in a holistic manner and not in a technicist way by calculating the sum total of outcomes against individual criteria. The following classification is used for the re-accreditation outcomes of a programme:

  • commend indicates continuation of accreditation and recognition of examples of good practice and innovation in relation to several accreditation criteria;
  • meets minimum standards shows continuation of accreditation and indicates that minimum standards as specified under the different criterion are met;
  • needs improvement shows that the programme will be accredited with conditions as it fails to meet the minimum standards which can either be remedied within a 6-month period or where critical minimum standards relating to programme design or teaching and learning are not met, the programme will be placed on notice for withdrawal of accreditation;
  • does not meet minimum standards shows that the programme does not meet the minimum standards required to ensure the fitness of the programme and indicates withdrawal of accreditation.


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