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2007 Higher Education Data

The CHE has been engaged with collecting and analysing data on the higher education sector and makes this information available through publications and its website. In order to continually adapt to the changing educational environment, the CHE is in the process of developing a theoretically and empirically well-informed set of indicators for the monitoring of the higher education system. This will involve the analysis of national policy in a changing higher education landscape to establish to what extent national goals are identifiable and can be used to inform an organising framework for the collection of data and production of performance indicators.


In 2007*:

  • the public higher education institutions employed 41 383 academic staff and 108 687 staff in total
  • the public higher education institutions enrolled:
    • 761 090 students in total
    • 624 977 undergraduate students
    • 110 418 postgraduate students
  • the public higher education institutions awarded:
    • 126 641 qualifications at all levels
    • 31 064 qualifications in business and commerce
    • 36 429 qualifications in science and technology
    • 59 148 qualifications in the human and social sciences
  • the public higher education institutions produced:
    • 7 516 master's degrees
    • 1 274 doctoral degrees

*This information is collected from higher education institutions during and at the end of each academic year. Once it has been collected, it is verified and audited and discrepancies are resolved. For this reason, the audited figures for 2008 will only become available in the second half of 2009.


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