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2020 Quality Promotion Conference
Monday, November 4, 2019

The HEQSF Implementation webpage is dedicated to providing all public and private higher education institutions with sufficient information and tools to guide them as they undertake the process of aligning their programmes with the HEQSF, and explaining the process whereby programmes will be captured nationally in as efficient and effective manner as possible to ensure a smooth transition to the new framework.

Information on this webpage can be distributed to a large number of individuals within the higher education sector to support capacity development and information sharing.

On this page, institutions are able access updated and archived versions of working documents such as the HEQSF Implementation Handbook, policy documents such as the HEQSF, and other useful publications such as the CHE-HEQSF 1, Joint Communiqués 1 - 4, SAQA Level Descriptors and Classification of Educational Subject Matter (CESM).

The HEQSF-Online is a web-based application system that allows public and private higher education providers to submit applications for the HEQSF-alignment of programmes online. Institutions will be able to upload and submit applications from 04 April - 30 September 2011. In addition, as the HEQSF Implementation process will be taking place in both the offline and online environments, institutions are able to download the HEQSF Implementation Template from this page as well as access the HEQSF-Online system directly.

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