HEQCIS Year-end Arrangements
Friday, December 6, 2019

We will be taking a break from 20 December 2019 to 01 January 2020 (inclusive), returning on 02 January 2020.


The Quality Enhancement Project was officially concluded in November 2018. To conclude the Project, the HEQC approved the online publication of two documents: QEP Phase 1 Report on Higher Education Institution Submissions and the QEP Phase 2 Report on Higher Education Institution Submissions. The two documents are intended to serve as resources for the higher education sector, as well as researchers who are interested in understanding developments and initiatives in the South African higher education sector on enhancing student success. The documents do not in any way present any official position of the CHE on the subject.  Inaddition to the two documents, readers are encouraged to look at institutional submissions relating to the two phases of the QEP. These are also available on the CHE website. 

QEP Phase 2 Focus Area Finalised

There will be only one focus area, curriculum, with four sections: curriculum renewal and transformation, diversity and inclusivity, curriculum development capacity and quality, and participation in curriculum design and development. Phase 2 will only last for one year. The focus area document can be downloaded here.

QEP-Siyaphumelela workshop

A joint workshop was held on 28 June 2016 for DVCs Teaching and Learning and Academic and Directors of Teaching and Learning on Systemic Approaches to Student Success. The workshop was led by Prof Tim Renick, Vice President for Enrolment Management and Student Success at Georgia State University, and the workshop facilitation was done by the Director: Institutional Audits.

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QEP Institutional visits

As the last part of the QEP process for Phase 1, one-day visits were carried out to public institutions by two peer reviewers and the Director: Institutional Audits. Early in 2017 institutions will receive a report, based on the visit and their own baseline and final reports, on the improvements they have made in the four QEP focus areas, institutional-level engagement with, and support for, enhancement of student success and suggestions for further improvements.

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The start of Phase 2 of the QEP has been postponed until 2017 in order to allow for consolidation of what has come out of Phase 1. The focus area for Phase 2 is being finalised.

Content analysis of QEP Institutional Submissions

The content analysis on the Baseline submissions for Phase 1 of the QEP is Available

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Analysis of private HEI QEP submissions    

An analysis of the QEP institutional submissions from private HEIs is available.

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QEP Institutional reports for phase 1    

QEP institutional reports for Phase 1 are due on 11 December 2015.

QEP Institutional Report for December 2015.pdf

QEP  Institutional Report for December 2015 TEMPLATE

Institutional Research in Tertiary Education

Vic Borden, the guest speaker at the QEP institutional workshops in March 2015, is one of the presenters of an online course called Institutional Research in Tertiary Education, which will run from 28 September to 20 November 2015. Further information is available at :

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Talks given by Vincent Tinto during the CHE’s regional symposia

The talks given by Vincent Tinto during the CHE’s regional symposia in 2013 have been transcribed and are available in Volume 2, No 2 (2014) of the Journal of Student Affairs in Africa.  The journal can be accessed at:

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