Nomination for Membership of the Higher Education Quality Committee

The CHE invites nominations of people who meet several of the following criteria to serve on the HEQC.

a. A high level knowledge and experience of higher education, some of which should be in a senior management role in the Post School Education and Training (PSET) and/or related sectors; alternatively, in governmental, non-governmental or industry sectors related to PSET;
b. An understanding of the challenges of transformation in the PSET sector or society more generally;
c. A sound understanding of quality assurance and related challenges PSET and/or developments internationally;
d. Ability to critique and contribute conceptual depth to the methods and approaches of the CHE;
e. Knowledge of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in higher education and the learning design implications thereof;
f. Ability to make sound and consistent judgements against the criteria for institutional reviews, accreditation and national reviews;
g. A minimum qualification of a Master’s degree with extensive experience in PSET or related sectors. A PhD will be a recommendation;
h. Compliance with any other requirements as determined by the CHE.

Link to the documentation: Nomination for Membership of the Higher Education Quality Committee

Please submit all nominations, accompanied by a comprehensive CV and the candidate’s letter of acceptance of nomination to:

The Chief Executive Officer
Council on Higher Education
PO Box 94, Persequor Park, 0020


012 349 3936

Closing date for receipt of nominations: 31 January 2018