Public Announcement - Bachelor of Pharmacy

The CHE announces the publication of draft qualification standard statement for the Bachelor of Pharmacy for public comment. The expanded CHE mandate includes the development of standards for qualifications in higher education. A qualification standard is a generic statement of the learning domains, the level of achievement and the graduate attributes required for the award of the qualification. They set out expectations about standards of qualifications in a range of fields of study, describing what gives a discipline its distinctiveness. National qualification standards provide both compliance benchmarks and developmental indicators for qualification types as awarded in particular fields of study or disciplines.

 The CHE Standards development process is underpinned by the fundamental principles of inclusivity, transparency of process and consensus, hence the call for public comment. The draft standard has already undergone narrow consultation with the relevant key stakeholder communities.

The public comment stage ensures that the broader community has an opportunity to review the content of a standard prior to its approval. Draft standard is made available to the public for comment for a minimum of 30 days. All comments from the public are considered in detail by the relevant standards development Working Group, if necessary, further drafting is undertaken to accommodate responses to the comments. Comments should be sent to Ms Fundiswa Kanise at ; subject: (Bachelor of Pharmacy - Comments) by no later than 20 January 2022. For public comment please see attached or click here:

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