Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Report on the CHE Colloquium
Friday, September 20, 2019

Report on the CHE Colloquium: Enhancing Student Engagement for Good Decision-Making and Governance in Higher

2020 Quality Promotion Conference
Wednesday, September 11, 2019

First Announcement

This BrieflySpeaking does not focus on the debates about rankings or the associated challenges. Rather, it explores the four ranking systems mentioned above and unpacks what we can learn about South African institutions from them.

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Given that a draft National Plan for the PSET sector for the next decade is currently in consultation phase, in this issue of BrieflySpeaking we reflect on the targets that were set in the National Plan for Higher Education of 2001. Using data from VitalStats 2016, which was published in March 2018, we consider the extent to which these targets have been reached and point to some interesting developing trends.

This issue of VitalStats, Public Higher Education, 2016 marks the seventh year of the Council on Higher
Education (CHE) publishing this series. The series provides the latest audited data available on the higher
education sector in an easy to use format. VitalStats 2016 contains data covering the period 2011 to 2016.
Most of the graphs in the publication are based on data extracted from the Higher Education Management
Information System (HEMIS), and the CHE expresses appreciation to the Department of Higher Education

BrieflySpeaking (5) Private higher education landscape - With the entrance of many new players in the South Africa private higher education market, both local and international, the landscape in terms of size and shape is changing rapidly. This monitoring brief provides an overview of five current trends and suggests potential future developments in private higher education.

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BrieflySpeaking (4), History Departments - This monitoring brief provides an overview of History Departments across South Africa at a particular point in time. The brief does not attempt to interrogate the information provided in any depth, nor to assess the extent to which departments at specific institutions have transformed or decolonised their curricula. It is purely a summary of the public information provided by these departments, compiled as a starting point for further analysis of curriculum transformation.

BrieflySpeaking (3) Curriculum decolonisation - This monitoring brief provides a succinct overview of the current and diverse national debates on curriculum. It briefly traces the philosophical, political and cultural antecedents to particular lines of argument on the matter, and then raises a number of fundamental questions for discussion.


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