Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Report on the CHE Colloquium
Friday, September 20, 2019

Report on the CHE Colloquium: Enhancing Student Engagement for Good Decision-Making and Governance in Higher

2020 Quality Promotion Conference
Wednesday, September 11, 2019

First Announcement

Presentations by:
Eve Lewis-Student presentation session
Eve Lewis-Staff and student presentation
Diane Grayson-Student workshop Oct 2017
Diane Grayson-Student workshop Oct 2017 IQRs

BrieflySpeaking (2) Educational pathways - CHE series on topical issues in higher education. This monitoring brief considers the extent of the challenge that South Africa faces in providing sufficient, and sufficiently varied, educational opportunities to school leavers and the youth in general.

It is now 15 years since the Council on Higher Education (CHE) began to implement the current quality assurance regimen for higher education in South Africa. Over this period, institutions and other stakeholders have provided constructive feedback on the quality assurance system. The CHE has used such feedback, as well as the outcomes of its own reflection, to review its quality assurance regimen. The review process has advanced to a stage where a new integrated quality assurance framework is being developed.

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BrieflySpeaking (1) Research ethics, which is the first in a new CHE series on topical issues in higher education, considers research publication ethics in the context of monetary rewards for publishing. In South Africa, universities receive research output grants based on the quantum of research produced at the institution. Increasingly, there is concern that this may be affecting research ethics and leading to a focus on quantity over quality. This concern is explored in our first monitoring brief.

  QUALITY MATTERS Latest news   From the desk of the Chief Executive Officer

This issue, “Constituting Higher Education”, continues in this vein, assembling as it does the views of a number of contributors on the important theme of understanding universities in relation to the provisions, rights and protections of national constitutions, with specific reference to two quite different countries with similar constitutional framings i.e. Norway and South Africa


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