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CHE > Media and Publications > Accreditation and National Reviews > National Review of Professional and Academic Programmes in Education offered by Higher Education Institutions in South Africa: Workflow document
January, 2004
1. Internal processing of applications
Application received and logged in by CHE
Receipt issued to provider with confirmation of application & programmes
Capturing of Data
Programme Profile and Biographical Information of each institution
Internal Screening (screening of applications for completeness)
Communicating with institutions to submit missing information, where applicable.
Response from institutions (re: submission of missing information)
Appointment of Evaluators
  1. The evaluation team will be constituted of 3-5 Evaluators with Experience in HE institutional management and Subject specialists in the field.
  2. Names of Evaluators sent to the institution for their acceptance
2. Site based evaluations
  1. Before the site visit, the institution's portfolio is analysed, and a report is produced for the panellists.
  2. Evaluation of documentation submitted to the HEQC. Each institution or programme will be evaluated by a trained HEQC Evaluator. In addition to the paper-based evaluation, a site based-evaluation will be conducted
  3. Institutions are allowed to raise any objections about the site evaluation within 7 days of the site evaluation
3. Preparing for the accreditation committee meeting
Submission of Evaluators' Reports to the HEQC
  1. Summarising of Reports in preparation for the HEQC Accreditation Committee Meeting
  2. The Composition of the Accreditation Committee will mainly constitute peers and experts.
  3. The Accreditation committee evaluate each report for consistency and fairness in order to arrive at a judgement about the peer recommendations
For the HEQC Accreditation Committee to make recommendations Meeting
Documentation Available:
  1. Summary Report
  2. Original Evaluators' Report
  3. Original Application from the institution
4. Accreditation committee recommendations
  • Accreditation recommendations sent to the institution
  • If the institutions is not satisfied with the recommendations of the Accreditation Committee, they can submit arguments and evidence for their dissatisfaction (rebuttals) within 21 days
Once the institution has submitted the application for a review, the review is summarised for the HEQC Board.

For the HEQC Board to consider the review the following documentation must be available:
  1. Summary of Request
  2. Original Request for Review
  3. Summary of Evaluator's Report
  4. Original Report of Evaluator
  5. Original Application of Institution
  6. SAQA/DoE conditions
  7. Legal Framework Governing Reviews
  8. HEQC Decisions w.r.t. accreditation

The HEQC Board makes the final decision

5. Final accreditation outcomes

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The Final Decision communicated to the institution   Final Decision communicated to SAQA and DoE
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  Public Release of Accreditation Outcomes  


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