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January, 2006

Programme Purpose

B Ed (Hons) is a 120 NQF credit, Level 7 programme. The purpose of the qualification is:

… the advanced and specialized academic, professional or occupational study of education. It is designed to build the competence of expert educators and curriculum specialists, systems managers, or educational researchers. Through this qualification learners will be prepared to embark on a course of study leading to an M.Ed at NQF Level 8. Although the B.Ed (Honours) must include some specialization and a focus on research, the nature of these will vary depending on whether an academic, professional or occupational focus is chosen (Norms and Standards for Educators, February 2000)

The Standards Generating Body of Educators in Schooling (10 October 2001) recommended the following four mutually reinforcing exit level outcomes for all post-graduate qualifications (including B Ed(Hons)) in Education:

Exit level outcome 1 - Scholarship
Candidates demonstrate that they have acquired a sound knowledge base and critical understanding of education in general, and of their area(s) of specialization in particular.

Exit level outcome 2 - Intellectual skill
Candidates demonstrate the ability critically to analyse and evaluate knowledge in their area(s) of specialisation, and to contribute to systematic and disciplined thinking about educational matters and issues, with particular reference to their area(s) of specialisation.

Exit level outcome 3 - Independent Inquiry
Candidates demonstrate the ability to conduct independent inquiry in a specialized field of education, training or development, and to report their findings in academically appropriate ways.

Exit level outcome 4 - Academic Leadership
Candidates exhibit the potential to act as academic leaders and experts in the field of education, training and development.

Note: The B Ed (Hons) programme is not included in the 2006 National Review. This set of criteria is intended to serve the purposes of individual institutions. All new applications for the B Ed Honours must utilise these criteria and minimum standards.


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