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June, 2013

Since 1994, the higher education system in South Africa has undergone significant changes as part of the broader transformation processes linked to the democratic project. The changes have been informed by a plethora of policy processes and interventions ranging from the National Commission on Higher Education and White Paper on Higher Education in the 1990s to the National Plan for Higher Education and its associated institutional restructuring framework, the introduction of a new funding formula and the establishment of an external quality assurance system in the early 2000s. More recently, the Green Paper on Post-School Education and the National Development Plan have revisited and highlighted the ongoing challenges that have an impact on the role and contribution of higher education in the South African context.

As part of its mandate to monitor and evaluate the higher education sector, the Council on Higher Education (CHE) intends to bring out a review of the last twenty years of higher education. In addition, to encourage the development of research and scholarly debate on higher education policy and practice, a range of associated publications is also planned. These publications may include a scholarly book, and special editions of CHE journals such as Kagisano.
It is against this background that the CHE is issuing this call for papers on the policy and practice of higher education in South Africa post-1994.

The papers should critically reflect on and assess developments and policy interventions over the last two decades, analysing their implications and consequences, both intended and unintended. The purpose of these publications is not only to report on the challenges of the sector and developments against specific aims, but also, and more importantly, to contribute to finding ways forward to ensure that the higher education sector in South Africa is strong, just, appropriate and vibrant.


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