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CHE > Media and Publications > Other > Directory of ETQAs and Professional Bodies
January, 2003

Overview of the Directory

The Directory highlights the various organisations with some or other kind of HE quality assurance responsibility. It reveals a mix of diverse bodies that differ in structure and respon-sibilities and also the complexity of the quality assurance system. Finally, it indicates the challenges of establishing relationships for ensuring effective coordination and facilitation of HE quality assurance.

The Directory covers over 70 bodies, which include:

  • Band ETQAs: The CHE, responsible for the HE band (NQF levels 5-8), and UMALUSI, responsible for the general and further education training band (NQF levels 1-4).
  • Statutory professional councils: Established by legislation to oversee the establishment, development, maintenance, promotion and control of standards in education and training that lead to professional registration and practice within the profession. However, they do not necessarily have powers related to programme and institutional accreditation. One statutory professional council has applied to SAQA for ETQA status, and their application is still pending.
  • Non-statutory and voluntary professional councils bodies and institutes: Are not established by a legislation but have an interest in overseeing the establishment, development, maintenance, promotion and control of standards in education and training, ethical conduct and professional service and development within the frameworks of the specific professions. They do not have programme and institutional accreditation powers, unless accredited by SAQA as ETQAs. Three non-statutory professional councils have been granted ETQA status by SAQA.
  • SETA ETQAs: Sector Education and Training Authorities, which have been accredited by SAQA as ETQAs.
  • Status unknown: Bodies whose application for ETQA status is still pending, and whose precise nature has yet to be verified.


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