Staff Experience of, and Perspectives on Teaching and Learning and its Future Survey Report (SEP-TLF)

The Council on Higher Education (CHE), Universities South Africa (USAf), and the University of the Free State (UFS) initiated the Staff Experience of and Perspectives on Teaching and Learning and its Future (SEP-TLF) survey. Informed by academic staff development perspectives and pragmatically developed in consultation with the sector, the SEP-TLF survey focused on:

  1. Staff experiences during the pandemic (including a focus on their wellbeing, the support needed, the training staff are receiving, their resilience and adaptability, their access to resources, and the successes and challenges they are experiencing regarding their own work as well as that of their students);
  2. The future of teaching and learning (including reflections on the longer-term impact of the pandemic on teaching and learning practices, as well as quality, and what training and support would need to accompany any changes); and
  3. To ask academic leaders and/or managers to reflect on their experiences, their staff's experiences, and how the institution could best support them as we head towards a 'new normal.'

Access and download the Communique and the SEP-TLF Report below: 

  1. CHE_Communique 11 of 2021_SEP-TLF_0.pdf
  2. SEP-TLF_Report.pdf