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A new programme is generally defined in the HEQSF as “one which has not existed before or has been significantly changed, such as when its purpose, outcomes, field of study, mode or site of delivery has been changed to a considerable extent.” A significant change is considered to be a 50% or more change to the programme design. New programmes will be accredited against the criteria for programme accreditation.

The re-accreditation of existing qualifications relates specifically to those programmes offered by private higher education institutions (PHEIs) that have been registered or registered in the interim on the NQF prior to the promulgation of this policy. Existing programmes are those that lead to such qualifications and have been accredited by the HEQC or its predecessors. Existing qualifications and programmes that are currently offered by PHEIs must conform over time with the requirements of the Framework for Re-accreditation to be re-registered or will be withdrawn.

PHEIs making applications for new sites of delivery are required to do so prior to establishing or adverting on these sites of delivery. Applications must list all programmes intended to be offered on each new / additional site of delivery, and may result in a site visit.

The HEQSF alignment process is a national process intended to align all qualifications in South Africa with a single co-ordinated National Qualifications Framework. In relation to higher education, these qualifications are being aligned with the Higher Education Qualifications Sub-framework. The process began in January 2011, and is anticipated to be closed by the CHE by December 2015.

In future, institutions will also be able to make application for institutional assessments via the HEQC-online. While the process for the latter is still to be determined in detail, the processing of the majority of other applications continues as indicated.


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