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Processing an application: Institutional Response View

A representation is an opportunity for an institution to provide information in response to the reasons for non-accreditation of a programme submission as provided by the HEQC, prior to a final decision being made.

The HEQC will inform institutions its intention to make a decision of a negative outcome of its applications. An institution then has the opportunity to submit a representation within 21 days of receipt of the HEQC’s notification. After a re-evaluation and reconsideration of the decision, the HEQC will make a decision which is considered to be final. No further representations will be permitted.

In cases where an application is not recommended for accreditation / approval, the institution may make ONE (1) representation. This representation:

  • should be in writing 
  • should not repeat the contents of the original application 
  • should be confined to the information provided by the institution during the evaluation process: that is, information that was part of the institution's application and that was made available to the panel of evaluators 
  • may include new and additional information that is relevant to the reasons for non-accreditation as set out by the report of the HEQC 
  • should address the report and recommendations of the Accreditation Committee focusing on any errors and omissions that may have occurred in the evaluation process 
  • should reach the HEQC within 21 working days of the date of the letter

Should the decision not to accredit / approve be upheld, the institution may not submit the same application for accreditation for a period of one year following the original date of submission of the original application.

Should a programme be determined as meeting the majority of Criteria and Minimum Standards by HEQC, it may be determined to set Conditions on a prior to commencement, short-term or long-term basis.

Programmes accredited with conditions will have stipulated conditions that an institution is required to meet in a specific time-frame. More than one type of condition, i.e. prior to commencement, short-term, medium-term or long-term, may apply to the same programme. Institutions are obliged to report to the HEQC on their progress with meeting conditions.

If conditions are not met within the specified period, the HEQC may extend the deadline by which such conditions need to be met or issue a notice of intention to withdraw accreditation, where after it may withdraw accreditation.

A deferral is taken when either the Accreditation Committee or HEQC feel it is unable to make a recommendation or decision in relation to the programme. Generally, this will require the institution to submit additional information for review and resubmission to the Accreditation Committee and HEQC for final approval. 


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