Task Team on Government Involvement in Higher Education, Institutional Autonomy and Academic Freedom (HEIAAF)

The CHE has established a Task Team to investigate the involvement of government and other agencies in South African Higher Education in the context of the principles of Institutional Autonomy, Academic Freedom and Public Accountability. The Task Team has called for and has received numerous submissions, and is currently issuing fresh calls for submissions from any stakeholder body or interest grouping. The Task Team has also commissioned research. As part of stimulating debate and further information gathering, it has held regional fora in six cities to allow members of the higher education community and stakeholders to discuss and debate these important issues.

  • Further information on the Task Team and its investigation.

  • Terms of reference of the CHE Task Team.

  • Bibliography on institutional autonomy and academic freedom.

  • Overview of recent and current debates.

  • Commissioned report: Overview of Recent and Current Debates in South African Higher Education: Academic Freedom, Institutional Autonomy and Public Accountability', October 2005

Should you wish to submit your views to the Task Team, contact the project manager.

Commissioned report:

October 2005

Research reports:

Additional papers: