Research, Monitoring and Advice

This programme is responsible for the partial fulfilment of the Mission, i.e. being a recognised centre for information, policy analysis and advice. The functions within this programme are cross-cutting, in that they synthesise knowledge and insights gained in the quality assurance and research activities carried out in different parts of the organisation in order to inform the policy analysis and advice produced.

A key objective is to undertake research on key issues in higher education, which is generally organised in specific research projects, and which leads to the publication of research findings to be disseminated to CHE stakeholders and other interested parties.

Another is to monitor trends and developments in higher education to inform research undertaken by academics across the system or within CHE research projects, and to provide the information that is necessary for the provision of advice to the Minister.

The third objective is to provide research-based advice to the Minister of Higher Education and Training in a proactive manner. The CHE must also respond to any requests for advice from the Minister. While the number and nature of these cannot be predetermined, every request is of necessity acted upon.