A Framework for Qualification Standards in Higher Education: Summary of submissions received and CHE responses



In December 2011, the Council on Higher Education (CHE) sent the draft Framework to parties with an interest in higher education, requesting submissions by 10 February 2012. A number of bodies requested, and were duly granted, extensions.






This summary is organised in terms of the main areas of enquiry or/and concern that were identified in the submissions received. Some of the points raised in certain submissions are less relevant to the draft Framework for Qualification Standards in Higher Education (the Framework) than they are to, for example, the proposed revision of the Higher Education Qualifications Framework, or the draft NQF Sub-Frameworks, or CHE/HEQC roles in quality assurance generally; such points are not included here, unless they have bearing, directly or indirectly, on the Framework.



The summary uses extracts from submissions to illustrate various points of view relating to the issues raised. In the interests of an objective evaluation of, in some cases, diverse opinions expressed on particular aspects of the Framework, some of the extracts have been subjected to minor editing in order to remove evidence of their origins.



The summary does not include comments that indicate agreement with the general approach proposed in the Framework, or agreement with any of its details. On the contrary, the purpose of the summary is to identify issues of general or agreed concern, or issues on which there is a diversity of opinion. These are represented as "Illustrative comments", and are intended to represent the full range of opinions received.



In the case of each area of enquiry/concern, the major questions raised in the submissions are identified, and the CHE offers its response. (The CHE responses are in colour.) The submissions received and the CHE responses will inform an ensuing draft of the Framework.