CHE ICT Colloquium 2014

The purpose of this Colloquium is to facilitate a national conversation to inform higher education policy development with respect to harnessing ICTs for improved teaching and learning in South Africa higher education system. The focus is on policy at both national and institutional level and the Colloquium will attempt to find ways to incorporate new technologies which have made their way into higher education (ICT, open learning, MOOCs, online courses and modes of teaching and learning) into the relevant policy frameworks.
While many conferences have focused on ICT and higher education, they have tended to emphasise the use of technology to support teaching practices, particularly in blended learning, which combines teaching methods from both face-to-face and online learning. This Colloquium is unique in its focus on the frameworks required to realise more fully the potential of digital developments in the sector as a whole.
The strategic objectives of the Colloquium include the following:
• Regulation: to consider the impact of e-learning on the structure of higher education, the extent to which existing regulation is facilitating or inhibiting change.
• Designing teaching and learning programmes: to deliberate on the implications for funding and curriculum development of the changing modes of teaching and learning in light of the incorporation and developments of ICTs in higher education.
• Social Media: to take into consideration the incorporation and usage of social media platforms in teaching and learning, and whether there is need for policy guidelines.
• The Academic profession: to deliberate on the implications for academic professionals of incorporating ICTs in teaching and learning.
Recommendations arising from the Colloquium should be policy-impelling and the discussions may feed into the CHE’s 20-year review of higher education.