Communiqué on the Consultative Workshops

It is now 15 years since the Council on Higher Education (CHE) began to implement the current quality assurance regimen for higher education in South Africa. Over this period, institutions and other stakeholders have provided constructive feedback on the quality assurance system. The CHE has used such feedback, as well as the outcomes of its own reflection, to review its quality assurance regimen. The review process has advanced to a stage where a new integrated quality assurance framework is being developed.

As part of the process of developing the new integrated quality assurance framework, the CHE is convening a series of stakeholder consultative workshops to present the proposed framework to stakeholders to get their buy-in, as well as solicit comments and other constructive inputs that would assist in shaping the proposed framework, so as to ensure that the final framework would be fit for purpose taking into consideration contextual factors within the broad higher education landscape in the country.

It is on this backdrop that both public and private higher education institutions were invited to send relevant representatives to a ‘Consultative Workshop for Public Universities on the CHE’s Proposed New Integrated Quality Assurance Framework’ which is scheduled to take place on the 30 -31 October 2017.

Link to Communiqué: Communiqué on the Consultative Workshops of the CHE Scheduled for 30 and 31 October 2017

We regret to announce that attendance is by invitation to all relevant stakeholders in the sector.

Thank you.

Issued by:

Prof Narend Baijnath - Chief Executive Officer.

Council on Higher Education (CHE).